Guessing Lantern Riddles at Lantern Festival

March 5, 2015 is Latten Festival. It is another day for reunion after Chinese New Year.

Hopetop follows the idea of centering on staff to deliver caring to staff far away from their hometown. The 1st Lantern Riddle Guess Activity exclusively sponsored by Hopetop Pharmaceutical was held on Lantern Festival Day. Since it was the first time to hold such an activity, all our colleagues were enthusiastic. Only half of the 200 lantern riddles were left after 15 minutes of the activity. The staff was busy checking answers and gave out prizes. If it were not specified that everyone could only guess for no more than 2 riddles, most of the prizes would be won by a few people. Since we prepared for the activity completely, almost every colleague won a prize on Lantern Festival Day.

Celebrating Lantern Festival and guessing lantern riddles are Chinese traditions. Holding such an activity on Lantern Festival Day in the beginning of the new year was not just for celebrating a traditional festival but also made our colleagues get closer with each other.